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Jethro Tull live in Pittsburgh 2003 - 2CD - August 20

...Jethro Tull ~ "Shirtless Aqualung"
...Wednesday, August 20, 2003
...Chevrolet Amphitheater at Station Square ~ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

...Taper~~David Murray [ninjadave]
...Location~~Section 1, Row P, Seat 18 [Front right center]
...Quality~~Excellent AUD from MASTER [no cuts] ~ "A" sound quality rating [IMO]

.......Ian Anderson ~ vocals, flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin
.......Martin Barre ~ guitars
.......Jonathan Noyce ~ bass
.......Andrew Giddings ~ keyboards
.......Doane Perry ~ percussion

DISC 1 ~ 56:16

01..00:33..Aqua-didily Intro
02..06:24..Living With The Past
03..05:30..Nothing Is Easy
04..04:49..Someday The Sun Won’t Shine For You
05..05:43..God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
06..07:00..Beside Myself
07..05:10..A Week Of Moments
08..07:19..[Band Intros]~>Fat Man
09..06:05..Hunting Girl
10..02:50..Count The Chickens [Martin solo]
11..04:48..Dot Com

DISC 2 ~ 58:01

02..08:38..Songs From The Too Old Heavy Horses [Medley]
03..08:42..Flying Dutchman intro~>My God
05..01:27..Mayhem Jig
07..03:06..Wind Up [Short version]
08..05:48..Locomotive Breath
09..03:05..Protect & Survive [Balloons]~>Cherrio

Another nice show. Open air "tent". Good set and Ian's voice in decent order and lots of banter from him as well. Warning: there is some crackling sound at 3:35-39 of track 2 on Disc 2, this came out of the PA system, not a flaw in the recording. Other than that, clean show. There was a madman running up and down the Isles all night with no shirt on so I thought I'd name the show after him...some of the "yells" in the distance are him.
He seemed to be a fine young looking "Aqualung" character. Hope you all enjoy.

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