Friday, September 9, 2011

Jethro Tull live in Saratoga 2011 - 2CD - June 14

Jethro Tull
Mountain Winery
Saratoga, Ca
June 14, 2011

First time at the Mountain Winery venue in many many years.  It is a long
drive but only Bay Area show for Jethro Tull and I was able to get a good
ticket so what the hell.  When I bought the seat I thought it was row 8
seat 12 in section 1 but it was actually row 12 seat 8 which was the last
section in the front section further to the right.  Arrived just before
parking lot opened and paid the $20 to park.  They squeeze the cars in tight
which will cost me later on.  No problem getting gear in and proceeded to
kill time as tehy wouldnt let anyone nearby during soundcheck.  It was hot
and I was dressed for cooler weather so waiting int he sun was no fun. Got
to my seat and they were harrassing people with cameras so knew I needed to
be careful.  It filled up witha crowd older than Clapton or Robert Plant.
What amazed me was the amount of talking and chatter.  I don't get how people
pay for tickets and just talk.  I had four clowns to my left talk the ENTIRE
show.  Why spend money on a ticket when they could sit at a bar or coffee shop
and talk.  Great show.  Cross Eyed Mary and Acqualung were amazing.  Show ends
and I rush out.  Climb in my truck and hope to beat traffic.  Unfortunately the
car on my right side was parked way too close and my tire clipped the bumper.
Only reason I knew I clipped them was the alarm started going off.  I got out
and the car had dropped the front fender.  SHIT, that just cost me and resulted
in getting stuck in traffic.  Show ended befre 10 and got home at midnight.
Needless to say, there are not many bands I will go see there, too much hassle.


101.  Intro
102.  Living In the Past
103.  Thick as a Brick
104.  Beggar's Farm
105.  Up To Me
106.  Cheap Day Return
107.  Mother Goose
108.  Wond'ring Aloud
109.  Farm on the Freeway
110.  Bourée
201.  Songs From The Wood
202.  Hymn 43
203.  Cross-Eyed Mary
204.  My God
205.  Budapest
206.  Aqualung
207.  Locomotive Breath/Teacher

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Jethro Tull live in Morrison 2011 - 2CD - June 8

Jethro Tull
June 08, 2011 (2011-06-08)
Red Rocks Ampitheatre
Morrison, Colorado

1) Introduction
2) Thick as a Brick
3) Songs from the Wood
4) Farm on the Freeway
5) Bouree
6) Aqualung
7) Cross-Eyed Mary
8) Cheap Day Return
9) Mother Goose
10) Wond'ring Aloud
11) Up to Me (slight cut in middle)
12) My God
13) Hymn 43
14) Slipstream
15) Wind-Up
16) Locomotive Breath - Teacher - Wonderful World

Total 1.31.44

Jethro Tull in 2011:

Ian Anderson - Flute, guitar, vocals
Martin Barre - Guitars
Doane Perry - Drums
David Goodier - Bass
John O'Hara - Keyboards, accordion

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Jethro Tull live in Mountain View 1988 - 1CD - June 1

Shoreline Amphitheater
Mountain View, CA USA
June 1, 1988
3rd gen vg+ to ex- aud cassette
This concert MAY be rare.

SQ: vg+ to ex-, 8.5-9/10 IMHO as always.
One CD, 15 tracks, TT: 79:27. Only obnoxious
audience noise was edited out. All music and
stage banter is present.

The Ministry of Information does NOT have a setlist for this concert.
In fact, my tape is misdated June 4, 1988 ; Tull did not play a
concert on June 4. June 1st was Martin Alcock's first date in the band
according to the MOI. I have a setlist of a show that took place 2
days after this one and will assume that the setlist for June 3 is
identical to the setlist for this show, June 1st. Here tis:

3/6/88 Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre Laguna Hills, Ca. USA
Laguna Hills Amphitheatre

Cross-Eyed Mary
Nothing Is Easy
Thick As A Brick
Steel Monkey
Farm On The Freeway
A New Day Yesterday
Fat Man
The Swirling Pit
Cheap Day Return
Mother Goose
Part Of The Machine
My God (incl. Bourée/Soirée)
Pussy Willow/Pibroch (inst.)
Jump Start
Too Old To Rock'N'Roll
Wind Up
Locomotive Breath/Seal Driver (inst.)/
Black Sunday (inst)/Thick As A Brick (reprise)

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Jethro Tull live in Vancouver 2011 - 2CD - June 19

Artist/Band: Jethro Tull

Date: 2011-06-19 (Sunday)
Title: Well Done Metallica
Venue: The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Venue concert seating capacity: 1836
Estimated attendance: Full House
Type: Open-Air Audience/Stealth
Sound Quality: EX+, A, 9/10 - Excellent SQ - a couple of very minor RFI's from a cell phone for a few seconds.
Recorded by: Seth Meister
Mastered by: Dennis Orr

- Set One -
01 Intro - 01:59
02 Living In The Past - 03:50
03 Beggar's Farm - 05:22
04 Chat - 01:50
05 Thick As A Brick - 09:41
06 Chat - 00:51
07 Up To Me - 03:52
08 Chat - 01:03
09 Cheap Day Return - 01:25
10 Mother Goose - 05:57
11 Chat - 01:03
12 Wond'ring Aloud - 02:00
13 Chat - 01:22
14 Farm On The Freeway - 06:49
15 Chat - 01:20
16 Bouree - 05:39
-Set Two-
01 Songs From The Wood - 05:05
02 Chat - 00:46
03 Hymn 43 - 04:15
04 Cross-Eyed Mary - 03:46
05 My God - 09:48
06 Budapest - 11:53
07 Aqualung - 08:12
08 Band Introductions - 00:36
09 Encore Break - 00:53
- Encore -
10 Locomotive Breath - 09:45

Total Time:   1:49:13

This is a seamless recording.  Disc change is just a suggestion for those burning to CD.

Band Members:
Ian Anderson - Flute, guitar, vocals
Martin Barre - Guitars, mandolin
Doane Perry - Drums
David Goodier - Bass
John O'Hara - Keyboards, accordion

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