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Jethro Tull live in Tel Aviv 1986 - 2CD - June 30

Hayarkon Park
Tel Aviv, Israel

Complete Audience Recording


10. Keyboard Improvisation


1. Drum Solo
3. THICK AS A BRICK/Level Pegging
4. BOUREE' incl.Wachet Auf


IAN ANDERSON- Vocals/Flute/Acoustic Guitar
DOANE PERRY- Drums/Percussion

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Jethro Tull live in Los Angeles 1980 - 2CD - November 12

Jethro Tull
Los Angeles Sports Arena

"The Flute In The Rock"
1990 Lobster Records Italy
Cover and label says: 1980-06-20, London, Hammersmith Odeon but this is incorrect.

2 CD: Lobster CD-008/2
QUALITY: Excellent
TOTAL TIME: 46:50 min, 46:50 min.
REMARKS: Bootleg. Recorded at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, November 12th, 1980.
Some CDs titled The Flute Cake In Rock but tracks are the same.
("Batteries Not Included" may be a mis-labelling of a keyboard solo?????)

CD 1
1.Black Sunday 7:37
2.Crossfire 3:44
3.Songs From The Wood 3:27
4.Hunting Girl 4:41
5.The Pine Marten's Jig 3:04
6.Heavy Horses 7:01
7.Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of A New Day 3:22
8.Flute Solo 6:01
9.Bungle In The Jungle 2:17

CD 2
1.Instrumental 4:34
2.Keyboard Solo 7:30
3.Uniform 6:34
4.Working Joe, Working Joe 4:05
5.Protect And Survive 6:08
6.Locomotive Breath 6:37
7.Guitar Solo 2:57
8.Aqualung 7:31

Ian Anderson: Vocals, Flute, Guitar
Martin Barre: Guitar
Eddie Jobson: Keyboards, E-Violin
Dave Pegg: Bassguitar
Mark Craney: Drums, Percussion

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Jethro Tull live in Seattle 1979 - 1CD - April 10

Seattle Coliseum, Washington

One Brown Mouse
Heavy Horses
My God
Dark Ages
Cross-Eyed Mary
Thick as a Brick
Locomotive Breath
Final chords


Jethro Tull live in Fort Worth 1973 - 2CD - July 16

Jethro Tull
Fort Worth, Texas
Tarrant County Convention Center
Blue Cafe "Texas Minstrel Show"

Audience recording
Artwork included

disc 1
a passion play (101 thru 116)
101 lifebeats
102 prelude
103 the silver cord
104 re-assuring tune
105 memory bank
106 best friends
107 critique oblique
108 forest dance #1
109 the story of the hare who lost his spectacles
110 forest dance #2
111 the foot of our stairs
112 overseer overture
113 flight from lucifer
114 10:08 to padddington
115 magus perde
116 epilogue
117 thick as a brick - the middle bit incl. flute solo

disc 2
201 cross-eyed mary
202 no rehearsal
203 instrumental - thick as a brick & drum solo
204 aqualung
205 wind-up
206 instumental - minstrel in the gallery
207 locomotive breath/hard-headed english general
208 wind-up reprise

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Ian Anderson at the Bob & Tom radio show 2003 - 1CD

BOB & TOM Radio Show Studios WFBQ FM
Indianapolis, Indiana

FM BROADCAST(WTUE 104.7 Dayton, Ohio)

1. Interview
3. Interview
4. Interview
6. Interview

Disc Jockeys;




The "Bob & Tom Show" is a syndicated US radio program established by Bob Kevoian and Tom Griswold at radio station WFBQ in Indianapolis, Indiana, March 7, 1983, and syndicated nationally since January 6, 1995.
The show is hosted by Bob Kevoian and Tom Griswold who originally teamed up in the early 1980s at the Petoskey, MI station WJML.
In their current incarnation they are joined by Chick McGee who acts as sports commentator as well as comic foil, and by Kristi Lee who is the show's news anchor and occasional target of the show's humor.
Dave "Gunner" Gunn also joins the show when any of the regulars are out, and has done so from the beginning of the show's syndication in January 1995.
The show is a comedy-variety show. Each day, there are usually several guests on the show, including many comedians. During the show, live or pre-recorded comic songs and skits are often played, including many from a huge library of archived pieces.
There are frequent impromptu calls from numerous "characters" voiced by various members of the show's staff. The show airs from 6 A.M. to 10 A.M. EST and is aired from either 6 A.M. to 10 A.M. or 5 A.M. to 9 A.M. locally on affiliated stations.
There is a segment that airs between 10:00 and 10:15 EST, only on home station WFBQ. Bob and Tom would do a traveling show of their own, however those ended around 2003. They now organize and support the Bob & Tom Comedy All Stars Tour, which includes many of their frequent guests.
Since January 31, 2011, The Bob & Tom Show has aired on the American Forces Radio Network as the morning show on AFN's Legacy Channel-The World's Classic Rock Station. The Bob & Tom Show repurposes their live morning show as an overnight show called Bob & Tom All Nighter.
All Nighter airs 12 A.M. to 5 A.M. on a few terrestrial affiliated stations as well as SirusXM Channel 165.~ wikipedi

ALL officially released material as well as the commercials broadcast by the local radio station have been removed.


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Jethro Tull live in Hamburg 1982 - 2CD - soundboard

Congress Centrum,Hamburg, Germany,
April 8, 1982
Excellent stereo soundboard remastered

CD 1:
1. The Clasp
2. Hunting Girl
3. Fallen On Hard Times
4. Pussy Willow
5. Broadsword
6. One Brown Mouse
7. Seal Driver
8. Watching Me Watching You
9. Weathercock
10. Sweet Dream
11. Songs From The Wood
12. Crossfire
13. Heavy Horses
14. Protect And Survive
15. The Whirling Pits

Disc 2:
1. Pibroch / Black-Satin Dancer
2. Bungle In The Jungle
3. Aqualung
4. Minstrel In The Galley
5. Locomotive Breath / Black Sunday

Ian Anderson - flute, vocals, Martin Barre - guitar,
Peter-John Vetesse - keyboards,
Dave Pegg - bass, Gerry Conway - drums

One of the best Jethro Tull performances ever

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Jethro Tull live in Milan 1991 - 2D - October 13

Milano, Palatrussardi
October 13, 1991

01.Intro tape (Carmina Burana)
02.Minstrel In The Gallery / Cross-Eyed Mary
03.Kissing Willie
04.Technical Problems / Rocks On The Road
05.This Is Not Love
06.Serenade To A Cuckoo
07.Heavy Horses
08.Like A Tall Thin Girl
09.The Whistler
10.White Innocence
11.Living In The Past
12.Doctor To My Disease
13.My God (w. flute solo)
15.Thick As A Brick
16.A New Day Yesterday (incl. Bourée/Soirée)
17.Look Into The Sun
18.Farm On The Freeway
19.Jump Start
21.Locomotive Breath / Black Sunday (inst.) / Dambuster's March / Thick As A Brick (reprise) / Outro Music

Ian Anderson - lead vocals, flute, acoustic guitar
Martin Barre - guitar
Dave Pegg - bass, mandolin, backing vocals
Dave Mattacks - drums
Andrew Giddings - keyboards


Friday, September 9, 2011

Jethro Tull live in Saratoga 2011 - 2CD - June 14

Jethro Tull
Mountain Winery
Saratoga, Ca
June 14, 2011

First time at the Mountain Winery venue in many many years.  It is a long
drive but only Bay Area show for Jethro Tull and I was able to get a good
ticket so what the hell.  When I bought the seat I thought it was row 8
seat 12 in section 1 but it was actually row 12 seat 8 which was the last
section in the front section further to the right.  Arrived just before
parking lot opened and paid the $20 to park.  They squeeze the cars in tight
which will cost me later on.  No problem getting gear in and proceeded to
kill time as tehy wouldnt let anyone nearby during soundcheck.  It was hot
and I was dressed for cooler weather so waiting int he sun was no fun. Got
to my seat and they were harrassing people with cameras so knew I needed to
be careful.  It filled up witha crowd older than Clapton or Robert Plant.
What amazed me was the amount of talking and chatter.  I don't get how people
pay for tickets and just talk.  I had four clowns to my left talk the ENTIRE
show.  Why spend money on a ticket when they could sit at a bar or coffee shop
and talk.  Great show.  Cross Eyed Mary and Acqualung were amazing.  Show ends
and I rush out.  Climb in my truck and hope to beat traffic.  Unfortunately the
car on my right side was parked way too close and my tire clipped the bumper.
Only reason I knew I clipped them was the alarm started going off.  I got out
and the car had dropped the front fender.  SHIT, that just cost me and resulted
in getting stuck in traffic.  Show ended befre 10 and got home at midnight.
Needless to say, there are not many bands I will go see there, too much hassle.


101.  Intro
102.  Living In the Past
103.  Thick as a Brick
104.  Beggar's Farm
105.  Up To Me
106.  Cheap Day Return
107.  Mother Goose
108.  Wond'ring Aloud
109.  Farm on the Freeway
110.  Bourée
201.  Songs From The Wood
202.  Hymn 43
203.  Cross-Eyed Mary
204.  My God
205.  Budapest
206.  Aqualung
207.  Locomotive Breath/Teacher

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Jethro Tull live in Morrison 2011 - 2CD - June 8

Jethro Tull
June 08, 2011 (2011-06-08)
Red Rocks Ampitheatre
Morrison, Colorado

1) Introduction
2) Thick as a Brick
3) Songs from the Wood
4) Farm on the Freeway
5) Bouree
6) Aqualung
7) Cross-Eyed Mary
8) Cheap Day Return
9) Mother Goose
10) Wond'ring Aloud
11) Up to Me (slight cut in middle)
12) My God
13) Hymn 43
14) Slipstream
15) Wind-Up
16) Locomotive Breath - Teacher - Wonderful World

Total 1.31.44

Jethro Tull in 2011:

Ian Anderson - Flute, guitar, vocals
Martin Barre - Guitars
Doane Perry - Drums
David Goodier - Bass
John O'Hara - Keyboards, accordion

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Jethro Tull live in Mountain View 1988 - 1CD - June 1

Shoreline Amphitheater
Mountain View, CA USA
June 1, 1988
3rd gen vg+ to ex- aud cassette
This concert MAY be rare.

SQ: vg+ to ex-, 8.5-9/10 IMHO as always.
One CD, 15 tracks, TT: 79:27. Only obnoxious
audience noise was edited out. All music and
stage banter is present.

The Ministry of Information does NOT have a setlist for this concert.
In fact, my tape is misdated June 4, 1988 ; Tull did not play a
concert on June 4. June 1st was Martin Alcock's first date in the band
according to the MOI. I have a setlist of a show that took place 2
days after this one and will assume that the setlist for June 3 is
identical to the setlist for this show, June 1st. Here tis:

3/6/88 Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre Laguna Hills, Ca. USA
Laguna Hills Amphitheatre

Cross-Eyed Mary
Nothing Is Easy
Thick As A Brick
Steel Monkey
Farm On The Freeway
A New Day Yesterday
Fat Man
The Swirling Pit
Cheap Day Return
Mother Goose
Part Of The Machine
My God (incl. Bourée/Soirée)
Pussy Willow/Pibroch (inst.)
Jump Start
Too Old To Rock'N'Roll
Wind Up
Locomotive Breath/Seal Driver (inst.)/
Black Sunday (inst)/Thick As A Brick (reprise)

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Jethro Tull live in Vancouver 2011 - 2CD - June 19

Artist/Band: Jethro Tull

Date: 2011-06-19 (Sunday)
Title: Well Done Metallica
Venue: The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Venue concert seating capacity: 1836
Estimated attendance: Full House
Type: Open-Air Audience/Stealth
Sound Quality: EX+, A, 9/10 - Excellent SQ - a couple of very minor RFI's from a cell phone for a few seconds.
Recorded by: Seth Meister
Mastered by: Dennis Orr

- Set One -
01 Intro - 01:59
02 Living In The Past - 03:50
03 Beggar's Farm - 05:22
04 Chat - 01:50
05 Thick As A Brick - 09:41
06 Chat - 00:51
07 Up To Me - 03:52
08 Chat - 01:03
09 Cheap Day Return - 01:25
10 Mother Goose - 05:57
11 Chat - 01:03
12 Wond'ring Aloud - 02:00
13 Chat - 01:22
14 Farm On The Freeway - 06:49
15 Chat - 01:20
16 Bouree - 05:39
-Set Two-
01 Songs From The Wood - 05:05
02 Chat - 00:46
03 Hymn 43 - 04:15
04 Cross-Eyed Mary - 03:46
05 My God - 09:48
06 Budapest - 11:53
07 Aqualung - 08:12
08 Band Introductions - 00:36
09 Encore Break - 00:53
- Encore -
10 Locomotive Breath - 09:45

Total Time:   1:49:13

This is a seamless recording.  Disc change is just a suggestion for those burning to CD.

Band Members:
Ian Anderson - Flute, guitar, vocals
Martin Barre - Guitars, mandolin
Doane Perry - Drums
David Goodier - Bass
John O'Hara - Keyboards, accordion

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Jethro Tull live in Rosemont 2011 - 2CD - June 27

Jethro Tull live at the Rosemont Theater June 27th 2011 in Rosemont Illinois USA

I got into this show with a buddy that called 24 hours before to invite me. Sure I said! It was a main floor ticket. My buddy was content to stay right there. NO WAY!! Time to scout out the main floor for  "no shows" and make the move. I did just that. I sat all night 13th row dead center for a.....well... as good as it gets in this place recording. No issues all night with the crowd. Have not heard the recording except the tracking I did in Sony Sound forge Pro 10. I am sure there are a few tracks with two songs. I did enjoy the show even for a non Tull fan. Very smooth sound.

Living In The Past
Thick As A Brick
Songs From The Wood
Up To Me
Farm On The Freeway
Cheap Day Return
Mother Goose
Hymn 43
Cross-eyed Mary
My God
Locomotive Breath / Teacher (inst.)

Band Members:
Ian Anderson - Flute, guitar, vocals
Martin Barre - Guitars, mandolin
Doane Perry - Drums
David Goodier - Bass
John O'Hara - Keyboards, accordion

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Jethro Tull live in Minneapolis 2011 - 2CD - June 25

Jethro Tull
Orpheum Theatre
Minneapolis, MN
June 25, 2011

Audience recording

Disc 1
01 - Living In The Past (4:31)
02 - Beggars Farm (5:25)
03 - Banter (1:48)
04 - Thick As A Brick (9:38)
05 - Banter (1:27)
06 - Up To Me (3:48)
07 - Banter (:59)
08 - Cheap Day Return - Mother Goose (7:11)
09 - Banter (:39)
10 - Wondering Aloud (1:55)
11 - Farm On The Freeway (7:23)
12 - Banter (1:19)
13 - Bouree (5:45)

Disc 2
14 - Songs From The Wood (5:04)
15 - Hymn 43 (4:49)
16 - Cross-Eyed Mary (3:44)
17 - My God (9:50)
18 - Budapest (12:10)
19 - Aqualung (9:33)
20 - Locomotive Breath (9:23)

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Jethro Tull live in Phoenix 2011 - 2CD - June 10

Jethro Tull
Comerica Theater
Phoenix, Arizona   USA

Audience recording

Comments: Here is our recording of this very good show by Jethro Tull. We were in section
3, about halfway between the stage and soundboard directly in front of the stage left
speaker stack. The crowd was excited for this show and a better behaved to my left, not
quite as well to my right. The recording came out really well. This band puts on a good
show (IMHO) and they performed well according to the gentlemen sitting to my left who
has been to 12 Tull shows since 69'.

Set One
01-Intro 1:38
02-Thick as a Brick 9:27
03-Ian Speaks 1:04
04-Songs from the Woods 4:39
05-Farm on the Freeway 6:59
06-Cheap Day Return 2:13
07-Mother Goose 5:44
08-Ian Speaks 0:17
09-Wondr'ing Aloud 2:27
10-Up To Me 3:41
11-Ian Speaks 0:49
12-Bouree 5:22
13-Cross-Eyed Mary 3:50

Set Two
14-Aqualung 8:25
15-Ian Speaks 0:33
16-Slipstream 0:57
17-My God 9:57
18-Ian Speaks 0:23
19-Hymn 43 4:32
20-Budapest 11:40
21-Ian Introduces the Band/Stage Break 1:48
22-Wind-Up 6:36
23-Locomotive Breath 9:24

Band Members:
Ian Anderson-Vocals/Flute/Acoustic Guitars
Martin Barre-Electric & Acoustic Guitars
David Goodier-Bass Guitars
John O'Hara-Piano/Keyboards/Accordion
Doane Perry-Drums & Percussion

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Jethro Tull live in Tampa 1976 - 1DVD - July 31

Jethro Tull
Tampa Stadium, Tampa
July 31, 1976
artwork included

It was the summer of 1976, when TullAvision hit some US Stadiums. Jethro Tull in their classic seventies line-up played in front of more than 50.000 people and the stage set-up included giant video screens to be able to have a close look at the stage even from the back rows. The video of at least one of these shows has been videotaped and then... almost forgotten!
For 29 long years, this recording has been stored in a dark basement until some quite crazy fans took all their energy to make more than a dream come true and "liberate" the footage.

Quartet Intro
Thick As A Brick
Wond'ring Aloud
Crazed Institution
Instrumental / Drum solo
To Cry You A Song
A New Day Yesterday
Flute solo (incl. Bourée & God Rest Ye)
Living In The Past & Brick instrumental
A New Day Yesterday reprise
Too Old For Rock N Roll, Too Young To Die
Minstrel In The Gallery
Beethoven's 9th (excerpt)

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here
Download part 6 here
Download part 7 here
Download part 8 here
Download part 9 here
Download part 10 here
Download part 11 here
Download part 12 here
Download part 13 here
Download part 14 here

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Jethro Tull live at the Howard Stern Show 1992

Jethro Tull
1992 10 05
The Howard Stern Show

Ian Anderson: vocals, harmonica, flute
Martin Barre: guitar
Dave Pegg: bass

Interviews and live performances
(Howard restrains himself from
joining in on the songs)

Some Day The Sun Won't Shine
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Living In The Past

includes commercials
some silence during tape flip

Note: this is one track, not seperate tracks. Just one mp3 file.

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Jethro Tull live in San Diego 1988 - 2CD - June 5

Jethro Tull
SDSU Open Air Theatre
San Diego, Ca.

Master Audience Recording by Brian Emery
Artwork included

Disc 1
Cross-Eyed Mary
Nothing Is Easy
Thick As A Brick
Steel Monkey
Farm On The Freeway
A New Day Yesterday
Fat Man
The Swirling Pit
Cheap Day Return
Mother Goose

Disc 2
Part Of The Machine
My God (inc. Bouree')
Pussy Willow (inst.)
Pibroch (inst.)
Jump Start
Too Old To Rock & Roll, Too Young To Die
Locomotive Breath

Ian Anderson - Vocals, Guitar, Flute
Martin Barre - Lead Guitar
Dave Pegg - Bass Guitar
Martin Allcock - Keyboards
Doane Perry - Drums

This recording has been circulating since ' however this version is a new master cassette
transfer from my original analog master tape (Jun. 2011).

Great show from the second leg of the Crest of the Knave U.S. tour. This was Tull's first show
in San Diego in 8 years. I saw them in '80 on the "A" tour and they didn't come back again till
'88 which sucked because i would have loved to have seen the Broadsword tour. Recorded from the
pit so there is a little crowd noise at the beginning but overall a nice recording.

Download this bootleg here

Jethro Tull live in Seattle 1975 - 2CD - July 25

Artist: Jethro Tull
Date: 1975-07-25
Location: Seattle, WA
Venue: Seattle Center Coliseum
Source: Audience
Artwork: Included

Band Members:
Ian Anderson - vocals, flute
Martin Barre - guitar
Jeffrey Hammond - bass
John Evan - keyboards
Barriemore Barlow - drums

Disc 1
01 Introduction  0:52
02 Wind-Up-Passion Play  7:56
03 Thick As A Brick  15:05
04 Wond'ring Aloud  4:18
05 My God (with flute solo)  12:29
06 Sealion  2:52
07 Skating Away (with band introductions)  8:09
Total Time 51:41

01 Ladies (with drum solo)  10:52
02 War Child  4:14
03 War Child Suite  5:19
04 Cross-Eyed Mary  5:13
05 Bungle In The Jungle  2:11
06 The Hare Who Lost His Spectacles  1:14
07 Aqualung  8:22
08 Guitar Solo  3:35
09 Back-Door Angels  5:48
10 Minstrel In The Gallery  1:40
11 Locomotive Breath  5:32
12 Hard-Headed English General  4:25
13 Back-Door Angels Reprise  1:54
Total Time 60:19

flute solo includes God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Bourée & Living In The Past

JEMS master recording. This is an excellent sounding recording. This show captures Jethro Tull touring in support of their War Child album. This recording has circulated for years but this is the first time the master reels have ever been properly digitized (April 2010). This is an excellent show and performance with an early taste of an excerpt of Minstrel In The Gallery which would not be released until later in 75. Ian's in between song banter at this show is as entertaining if not more entertaining than music. Also of note this show took place on the 25th of July not the 27th as some other sources have speculated in the past.

Download this bootleg here

Jethro Tull live in Stockholm 1969 - 1CD - soundboard (late show)

Stockholm, Sweden
January 9, 1969 LATE SHOW

SOURCE : EX mono low generation soundboard tape.

PLEASE NOTE : the songs "To Be Sad Is a Mad Way to Be" and "Back to the Family" officially released on the 25th Anniversary set are from the EARLY SHOW.

01.Intro + tuning-up
02.My Sunday Feeling
03.Martin's Tune
04.To Be Sad Is a Mad Way to Be
05.Back to the Family
06.Dharma For One
07.Nothing Is Easy
08.Song For Jeffrey

TOTAL TIME 1:05:04

Ian Anderson - vocals, flute
Martin Barre - electric guitar
Glenn Cornick - basx
Clive Bunker - drums

Friday, March 18, 2011

Jethro Tull live in Berkeley 1970 - 1CD - October 17

OCTOBER 17, 1970




Jethro Tull live in San Francisco 1970 - 2CD - May 1

MAY 1, 1970







This show needs to be on two discs.  Circulating versions have this on one disc with cut audience material.

Download this bootleg here

Jethro Tull live in Denver 1991 - 2CD - December 7

Jethro Tull
December 7, 1991 (1991-12-07)
McNichol's Arena
Denver, CO

very good audience recording

1) cut/ Minstrel > Cross-Eyed Mary (3:43)
2) Living In the Past (4:59)
3) Rocks on the Road (6:35)
4) This Is Not Love (4:59)
5) Serenade to a Cuckoo (6:12)
6) Like a Tall Thin Girl (7:10)
7) White Innocence (8:34)
8) Mother Goose (2:04)
9) Thick as a Brick (7:14)
10) Paparazzi (3:40)
11) Doctor To My Disease (7:19)
12) A New Day Yesterday (7:52)
13) Look Into the Sun - Reasons For Waiting (4:20)
14) Farm on the Freeway (6:26)
15) (tape flip) - Jump Start
16) Aqualung (9:05)
17) Locomotive Breath - Black Sunday - Thick as a Brick (9:03)

Total 1:46:08

Jethro Tull live in Chicago 1970 - 1CD - August 16 - soundboard

This show was originally broadcast on WXRT-FM & has excellent sound quality.
It should be noted that the artwork states the wrong date for this show & the last track is also

16TH AUGUST 1970


Total Time - 54:39

artwork included

Jethro Tull live in Boston 1991 & 1992 - 1CD - radio shows

Catfishing for Attention
and a Little Light Promotion
with Songs and Gab

Ian Anderson- vocals and flute
Martin Barre- guitar and mandolin
Dave Pegg- bass

WBCN studios
Boston, Mass. U.S.A.
August 23, 1991 (9 tracks)
Sept. 30, 1992 (7 tracks)
recording quality: A/A-
performance quality: A-
source: FM master broadcast tape
total runtime: 77:42

setlist: August 23, 1991
  1: interview (with Mark Parenteau) 2:59
  2: rocks on the road  6:10
  3: interview  9:28
  4: fat man  6:14
  5: interview  3:14
  6: bouree  3:23
  7: interview  3:29
  8: aqualocosundaysalad  5:29
  9: wind up of interview  :44

     Sept. 30, 1992
  10: interview  9:19
  11: someday the sun won't shine  4:28
  12: interview  7:12
  13: serenade to a cuckoo  3:28
  14: interview  4:39
  15: living in the past  4:11
  16: interview  3:09

  the 91 set was part of Catfish Rising Promo Week of Tull in the U.S.,
which also included an appearance at Electric Lady Studio in NYC, one on
Late Night with David Letterman TV, and another on "Rockline" radio,
all including live music. WBCN played lots of Tull up to around this time
so it was a fitting place to do this promo set.
  Call it my Sunday Tull, actually it's Saturday but this is good
soundtrack for a "spot of Sunday tea" as they say in the U.K. on Sunday
or any day. this is two wbcn appearances I recorded with the
"Tull Trio". the second was in 92 with the same cast of clowns.
This is the miniature Tull tour. they couldn't afford to drag
Andy and Doane along for these. at some point in 91 interview they played
"this is not love" from the Catfish Rising album, that song is not included
in here but all the interview and live music is (this edit does not hurt the
recording continuity at all, I edited it out before I'd ever heard of "torrents"
or "uploads"). they talk about salmon farming and touring in Turkey and Jerusalem
and some other interesting subjects. any fan of the tull will enjoy hearing this,
the sound quality is pretty good, just a little static in a bit of it but
most is clear and bright (but she's not there... this isn't Santana.) It's
a nice set with some good tunes along with the Most Overrated Tull songs Ever
I would prefer the aqualocosundaysalad anyway, to the full monty of Tull's 2 most
overplayed songs ever, and you get an acoustic version of one of my favorite
Catfish songs.

Download this bootleg here

Jethro Tull live in Providence 1984 - 2CD - October 27

Artist: Jethro Tull
Title: Here We Go…Let’s Wrap This Up
Date: October 27th 1984
Venue: Civic Centre, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Source: very good audience

Disc One
01. Under Wraps (intro 02:18)
02. Locomotive Breath (inst. intro 01:43)
03. Hunting Girl 05:48
04. Under Wraps 04:55
05. Later That Same Evening 04:48
06. Nobody’s Car 04:23
07. Fly By Night 04:13
08. Thick As A Brick (medley 08:37)
09. Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of A New Day 02:06
10. Clasp 04:09
11. Living In The Past (w/instrumental variation 03:35)
12. Serenade To A Cuckoo 04:54

Disc Two
01. Band Introductions 02:13
02. Fat Man (w/extended instrumental) 06:35
03. Instrumental w/Drum Solo 09:12
04. Black Sunday 06:42
05. Songs From The Wood 01:57
06. Minstrel In The Gallery 01:48
07. My Sunday Feeling 02:59
08. Aqualung 07:32
09. Locomotive Breath 08:23
10. Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll: Too Young To Die 05:38
11. Thick As A Brick (reprise) 03:22

Ian Anderson Flute, Vocals & Guitar
Martin Barre Lead Guitar & Mandolin
Dave Pegg Bass Guitar
Doane Perry Drums & Percussion
Peter-John Vettese Keyboards

Download this bootleg here

Jethro Tull live in New Haven 1975 - 1CD - September 27

Jethro Tull
New Haven Coliseum
New Haven, CT
27 September 1975

Master audience recording taped by Dan Lampinski
artwork included

01 Thick As A Brick
02 Minstrel in the Gallery
03 Wond'ring Aloud
04 To Cry You A Song
05 A New Day Yesterday
06 Flute Solo
07 Bouree
08 Teacher
09 A New Day Yesterday
10 Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day
11 Ladies
12 Drum Solo
13 War Child
14 Instrumental
15 Cross-Eyed Mary
16 Bungle In The Jungle/Dan caught taping


17 Aqualung
18 E: Guitar Solo
19 Back Door Angels
20 Locomotive Breath
21 Hard Headed English General
22 Back Door Angels Reprise

Sony TC-152SD Tape Recorder
Sony ECM-99 Stereo Microphone
Maxell cassettes

Dan Lampinski recorded over 100 concerts in the Providence/Boston area, mostly between 1974 and 1978. His earliest recordings were made with an internal microphone deck, and though they are somewhat lo-fi compared to his later work, some very great moments in rock history were captured for posterity. In late 1974 he bought a Sony TC-152SD tape recorder, a Sony ECM-99 stereo microphone, and began using Maxell cassettes. He was also fortunate enough to have a friend who provided excellent taping seats for many shows, resulting in high quality recordings. In 1977, he switched over to a Nakamichi 550 tape recorder, two Nakamichi CM-300 microphones, and continued using Maxell cassettes.

He recorded many of the major 70's bands: Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Queen, Blue Oyster Cult, Frank Zappa, Jethro Tull, ELP, Kiss, Black Sabbath, The Who, Al Stewart, Alice Cooper, Jeff Beck, Bruce Springsteen, Supertramp, Jean-Luc Ponty, Moody Blues, Neil Young, The Faces, Rush, Rick Wakeman, Kansas, as well as several "under the radar" acts.

Since Dan never traded copies of his recordings, they are all essentially uncirculated. Some copies were made for friends, but these releases are the first time most of these recordings have ever seen the light of day, and are direct from his master cassettes. No EQ'ing has been done to any of the transfers. Feel free to EQ, matrix, patch, etc and re-post if you like, just give Dan credit for the original recording.

Dan was very meticulous about taking good care of his tapes and is very pleased that these recordings will now circulate among the trading community.

Jethro Tull live in Münster 1973 - 2CD - March 8

Jethro Tull
Halle Münsterland, Münster, Germany

Type: audience mono
Venue: Halle Münsterland, Münster, Germany
Date: 1973-03-08
SQ: Very good, a bit far from the stage, full dynamics in the music, a little bit hiss in the quiet parts
Artwork: included

DISC 1: Total Time: 76:19 - complete "Thick As A Brick" (totally netto 73:35)

1 Thick As A Brick pt.1 4:47
2 Thick As A Brick pt.2 2:44
3 Thick As A Brick pt.3 6:53
4 Thick As A Brick pt.4 2:03
5 Organ Solo 5:26
6 Thick As A Brick pt.5 2:59
7 Flute Solo (incl. Quartet/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/Bourée) 9:09
8 Thick As A Brick pt.5 contd. 1:37
9 Thick As A Brick pt.6 9:07 (tape flip 1 @ 8:53)
10 Six O' Clock News 6:02
11 Thick As A Brick pt.7 2:19
12 Drum Solo 13:24
13 Thick As A Brick pt.8 2:17
14 218 Babies And A Cat 0:50
15 Thick As A Brick pt.9 3:58
16 Thick As A Brick pt.10 2:36

DISC 2: Total Time: 52:10

1 intro cross-eyed mary 1:18
2 Cross-Eyed Mary 3:20
3 Left/Right 3:25
4 Audition 2:31
5 Aqualung 7:16 (tape flip 2 @ 0:05 - patched)
6 encore 1:11
7 intro wind-up 1:03
8 Wind-Up 2:18
9 Rehearsal 6:15
10 No Rehearsal 2:36
11 Guitar Solo 8:46
12 Locomotive Breath 6:10
13 Hard-Headed English General 3:23
14 Wind-Up Reprise 2:27

total running time: 2:08:29

IAN ANDERSON: vocals, flute, guitar
JOHN EVANS: keyboards, organ

Jethro Tull live in New York 1971 - 1CD - May 4

May 4, 1971
The Fillmore East
New York City

A Fresh transfer from cassette with azimuth adjustment done.
It sounds a little better.
The tracking is a bit different.
If you already got this, you may not need to get it again.
The improvement is minimal.


01 Nothing Is Easy 8:25
02 Aqualung 7:34
03 With You There To Help Me / By Kind Permission Of 11:40
04 Hymn 43 3:46
05 intro to My God 0:43
06 My God 14:17
07 intro to Cross Eyed Mary 1:01
08 Cross-Eyed Mary (incl. drum solo) 9:22
09 crowd noise 2:33
10 Wind Up 4:18
11 Guitar Solo 5:12
12 Locomotive Breath 6:28
13 Wind Up (conclusion) 1:45

Total Time 76:55


Art included
This is the artwork I made for the first transfer
The times won't match up because the tracking is a bit different
Still, I really like the front cover.
I wish I could make still make cover art.
Unfortunately, I've lost that ability.


Tull played 2 shows at the Fillmore on both May 4 and May 5.
The 2nd show on the 5th was Clive's last show with the band.
Two of the shows have been bootlegged previously as "The Fillmore East 1971" and  "Clive's Last Show" and "Hymn 43".
Since I don't own either of those I can't say if this is one of them.
On my tape Ian does say "Welcome to the Fillmore East."
Later "It's nice to be back in Pittsburgh."
He's joking about Pittsburgh.
Maybe someone who has one of those could compare times (of course a difference in tape speed and tracking could make comparisons difficult).
The Ministry of Information lists Hymn 43 as only being played on May 4.
So this is most likely the 4th.
Of course the MOI has been wrong before.
given the passage of time, inaccurate record keeping, hazy memories, the vagaries of bootlegging, and the like, this could actually be any of those four shows.
Who cares? It's a great band performing at one of their creative peaks.

The band is clearly energized by the new music they are playing. All but two of the songs performed here are from Aqualung, an album that very few in the audience knew, though My God had been played live for the better part of the previous year. Pretty nervy of the band. But then Tull has always challenged their audience.

This line-up lasted only 5 months from January to May 1971. Clive would be replaced in June by Barrie Barlow. Everyone, except Jeffrey, gets an extended solo (you don't get that these days). The album Aqualung had been released just a few weeks earlier and the crowd's minimal reaction to the now-classic songs is thus explained.

I'll bet that in 1971 the band never dreamed they'd be playing some of these songs 35+ years later and some of them (Aqualung, Locomotive Breath) on an almost nightly basis for the better part of those 30 years.

The quality and energy of the performance more than transcends the limitations of the sound quality (not too good) preserved by some unknown taper 35 years ago.
Check it out.

Ian Anderson - vocals, flute, guitar
Martin Barre - electric guitar
John Evan - keyboards
Clive Bunker - drums
Jeffrey Hammond - bass

Monophonic Audience recording
Mediocre at best, it was 1971 after all.
But this is worth getting because the band is FANTASTIC!

I was going to concerts at that time and frankly, in most instances, the sound stunk. What you hear here is not much worse than if you were in the crowd that night 35 years ago. Sound systems have improved immeasurably since the early 70's.

The quality and energy of the performance more than transcends the limitations of the sound quality (crummy).

Download this bootleg here

Monday, March 14, 2011

Jethro Tull live in Port Chester 1971 - 2CD - April 27

APRIL 27,1971

CD 1


CD 2


-Recorded by Ken & Judy Lee on a Sony pc-124 cassette deck with Sony dynamic
mics on Norelco cassettes. Microphones were set up in the balcony with a
10-20 foot spread.

The Port Chester Restoration project
Capitol Theatre- Port Chester, NY
Audience recordings by Ken and Judy Lee

Ken and Judy Lee didn't think anyone would be interested in hearing their recordings...

 Between the years 1970 and 1971, Ken worked security at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York,  while his girlfriend Judy ran movie projections between sets.  One of a few live music taping enthusiasts of  the time, Ken was granted exclusive permission by club promoter Howard Stein to record the shows at the  theatre for his own personal use.  Judy was on hand to perform the tape flips while Ken was busy doing his  job.
  In 1968, the couple took Judy's brother Mark, who was nine years old to his first concert at "Cafe Wha?"  in New York City.  The Monkees were on tour and Jimi Hendrix was along for the ride as their opening act.
  Several years later, Mark was introduced to the music of the Grateful Dead at the Nassau Coliseum on  March 19th, 1973 in Uniondale, Long Island.  This single event marked the beginning of a life long odyssey  of musical experiences with the band that affected him most deeply.  Along with his good friend, John Jay  Hance, who Mark met at a Dead show in 1979, the two traveled around the United States with the band in  search of the ultimate musical experience, attending over 350 shows together.  The two also shared a  common interest in seeing live music of a wide variety of genres, and during the 23 years that they knew  each other attended more than 1000 total concerts together, until Mark's untimely death in November of  2002.
  Mark knew of brother in-law Ken's recordings from the Capitol Theatre, and had a strong interest in having the shows circulated; however, being true to his word to Howard Stein, Ken kept the recordings under  wraps and the tapes never saw the light of the trading domain (One noteworthy bending of this rule  occurred when Ken agreed at Mark's request to circulate the late show that the Grateful Dead did on June  24th of 1970.  This show is highly regarded as an all-time magical performance by the Dead during their 30  year history as a band).
  It was not until John Jay, who also knew Ken Lee, and of the Port Chester tapes, ran into Ken at Mark's  funeral in 2002 that the fateful discussion of having the recordings released occurred.  At that time, Ken  didn't think anyone would have any desire to listen to his tapes.  They had been sitting up in the attic of  his present home for over 20 years going through the early stages of decay.
  Because such a great deal of time had elapsed since Ken made his agreement with Howard Stein, and the  fact that John Jay was insisting that there was an overwhelming interest by music lovers to hear these  recordings, Ken agreed to open the flood gates and the Port Chester Restoration Project began, which is ultimately a tribute to Mark Cohen's passion for live music.
  By fortune and coincidence, John Jay Hance, a master at the art of recording and restoring live music  himself had already developed his own method for preserving fragile, decaying audio tapes with a heating  method commonly known as "baking."  The process of restoring Ken's recordings presents an even greater  challenge, however. The cassette shells which encase the audio tapes first have to be removed and  replaced because they are too fragile to be played.  This is extremely difficult, being that these cassettes  were glued together during manufacturing (as opposed to the use of screws, today). The halves of the  shell must be carefully removed without doing damage to the tape inside.
  Once the analog tape is restored and rebuilt, it must then be then played back one time through an  analog to digital converter onto a cd, which is then cleaned of hiss and other extraneous noises.  Then it  can be replicated and introduced to the world of music trading.  For the cleanup job, John Jay enlisted the  help of "Sound Forge" software guru Peter G to help make what exists from the master tapes sound just  exactly perfect.  Having listened to the first installment of this project, Janis Joplin and Full Tilt Boogie from  August 8, 1970 several times, I can tell you that the sound is brilliant!
  Keep in mind that Ken and Judy recorded nearly EVERY show at the Capitol during '70 and '71, on an estimated  300-500 cassettes (one box of cassettes is believed to be missing).  While many are labeled with correct dates and the music they contain,  much of what exists is still a mystery.  Several gems containing long forgotten performances and musical collaborations  have already surfaced.  Expect some nice surprises in the years to come.
  Enjoy Ken and Judy's recordings from the Capitol Theatre and appreciate the great care and quality of  craftsmanship that went into their creation and is currently going into their preservation.

Ian Anderson live in Kalamazoo 2002 - 2CD - October 10 - soundboard

Ian Anderson - No Way To Kazoo
The Rubbing Elbows Tour
An Evening Of Music & Conversation

Acoustic show by Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull Recorded From The Live Broadcast By WLAV-FM Grand Rapids, Michigan. A good bit of banter with DJs and audience mixed with some fine acoustic renditions of Tull favorites and stories.

From The Kalamazoo Theater, Kalamazoo, Michigan On October 10, 2002
sound - excellent

The Band:
Ian Anderson - Flute, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica
Kit Morgan - Classical and Acoustic Guitars
James Duncan - Drums and Percussion
David Goodier - Basses
Luke Daniels - Button and Piano Accordions, Whistle and Keyboards

Disc 1:
1-intro: In The Grip Of Stronger
   Stuff (Ian with backing track)
2-Life's A Long Song
3-Skating Away
4-Thick As A Brick
5-Up The Pool
6-Cheap Day Return
7-Mother Goose
8-Fat Man
9-Griminelli's Lament

Disc 2:
3-A Christmas Song
4-Boris Dancing
5-Driving Song - Donny Brown
   W/Ian & the band)
6-Circular Breathing
7-Dot Com
8-Living In The Past
9-encore: Locomotive Breath

Download this bootleg here

Jethro Tull live in Worchester 1984 - 2CD - October 29

All Wrapped Up in Wormtown
Jethro Tull

Ian Anderson- flute and vocals
Martin Barre- guitar
Peter John Vettese -keyboards
David Pegg- bass
Doane Perry- drums

Worcester, Mass. U.S.A.
October 29, 1984
performance quality: mostly A, inspired and energetic show
recording quality: B to B+
source: master audience tape
runtime: 107:45

      disc 1  51:59
  1: under wraps intro music 2:28 (recorded version, but not the officially released version).
  2: locomotive breath intro > hunting girl  6:42
  3: under wraps  5:13
  4: later that same evening  4:18
  5: nobody's car  5:00
  6: fly by night  4:09
  7: thick as a brick  8:38
  8: skating away  2:05
  9: the clasp >  4:11
  10: living in the past (spliced)  3:28
  11: serenade to a cuckoo  5:03
      disc 2  56:25
  12: band introductions  2:42
  13: fat man  6:18
  14: keyboard and drum solos  8:10
  15: black Sunday  6:34
  16: a slice of the song from the wood  1:54
  17: minstrel tease > my Sunday feeling slice  4:46
  18: aqualung  7:39
  19: locomotive breath  7:12
  20: encore break with commentary  1:38
  21: too old to rock and roll with a very
      short Thick as a Brick reprise  9:28

Download this bootleg here

Jethro Tull live in Basingstoke 1994 - 2CD - May 29

Jethro Tull
Basingstoke, UK
29 May 1994

Disc 1  66:24

01. Intro
02. My Sunday Feeling
03. For A Thousand Mothers
04. Living In The Past
05. Bouree
06. So Much Trouble
07. With You There To Help Me
08. In The Grip Of Stronger Stuff
09. Steal
10. Farm On The Freeway
11. Thick As A Brick
12. Beggar's Farm
13. Sossity: You're A Woman (instrumental)
14. Reasons For Waiting

Disc 2  55:29

01. Songs From The Wood / Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll / Heavy Horses
02. Later, That Same Evening (instrumental)
03. Budapest
04. Passion Jig / Seal Driver (instrumental)
05. A New Day Yesterday
06. Aqualung
07. Locomotive Breath
08. Cross-Eyed Mary
09. Dharma For One
10. Outro


This one is from the 25th Anniversary tour 1993/94 & was Dave Pegg's last show as Tull's bass player.
It is an excellent quality audience recording that we released as part of the 2006 TullPassionPlayers tree. The cdrs came to me directly from the taper.

Band line up:
Ian Anderson, Martin Barre, Dave Pegg, Doane Perry, Andy Giddings.

Download this bootleg here

Jethro Tull live in Los Angeles 1976 - 2CD - August 15 - soundboard

Jethro Tull
Backdoor Angels
LA Coliseum, Los Angeles, CA
August 15,1976
soundboard recording

01. Thick As A Brick
02. Wond'Ring Aloud
03. Crazed Institution
04. Instrumental-Drum Solo
05. To Cry You A Song
06. A New Day Yesterday
07. Flute Solo (including God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Bourée)
08. Instrumental Medley: Living In The Past-Thick As A Brick-A New Day Yesterday
09. Too Old To Rock'N'Roll
10. Minstrel In The Gallery
11. Beethoven's 9th-My God
12. Cross Eyed Mary
13. Aqualung
14. Guitar Solo
15. Wind Up-Back Door Angels
16. Locomotive Breath

Download this bootleg here

Jethro Tull live in Atlanta 2000 - 2CD - June 18

June 18, 2000
Atlanta, Ga. USA
Chastain Park Amphitheater

Ian Anderson - vocal, flute, guitar
Martin Barre - guitar
Jonathan Noyce - bass
Doane Perry - drums
Andy Giddings - keyboards

01 For A Thousand Mothers 5.09
02 Nothing Is Easy 6.19
03 Thick As A Brick 10.21
04 Hunt By Numbers 5.00
05 Beside Myself 7.23
06 The Habanero Reel 5.16
07 Bourée (tape flipped here - only applause is cut) 4.40
08 talk 1.55
09 The Water Carrier 5.52
10 With You There To Help Me 6.24
11 Barre Instrumental "a piece of music of his own devising" 4.08
12 Dot Com 4.32
13 AWOL 6.06
14 Boris Dancing 4.02
15 Dharma For One 6.06 (this is a great version, complete with  chanting ||:"dharma":||
16 instrumental 0.58
17 A Hunting Girl 6.05
18 Passion Jig (beginning missing due to new-tape insertion) 1.57
19 Locomotive Breath 6.57
20 Applause 1.24
21 Aquadiddley/Aqualung (abbreviated due to time restrictions) 2.57
22 Cross-Eyed Mary  (abbreviated due to time restrictions) 1.39
23 Protect And Survive (inst) / Cheerio 2.57

TOTAL TIME 1 hour, 47 minutes, 55 seconds

I hate this place.

Chastain Park is in the middle of a suburban residential community so there are, understandably, volume restrictions and all shows must end before 11 pm.

No matter the artist, the audience at Chastain is notoriously inattentive, rude, loud and disruptive, obnoxious, and totally off-putting for anyone interested in listening to the music.
I think (but I'm not sure) that it was Bobby McFerrin who actually cut his show way short because nobody was paying attention.

People come here to see and be seen. They bring their little candelabras, their bottles of domestic wine, their crudites (notice the root word there: crude). The music is, at best an accompaniment to their socializing and dining, and at worst an annoyance or interference.

I've seen a bunch of shows there over the years but after my last experience there ("Down from the Mountain") I swore I'd never, ever, go there again.

During the "Down from the Mountain" show this lawyer (they're not all bad) next to me kept blathering on about his work. After about half an hour of this I asked him if he wouldn't mind lowering his voice as I couldn't really enjoy the music. (He was quite loud and the music - volume restrictions - is never at proper rock and roll levels). He did lower his voice somewhat, but when he left he stepped on my foot, turned and said, "I hope you liked your music" in a very sarcastic manner. What a jerk.

That was it for me.
No more Chastain.
Heck I could win backstage passes, with a door to door chauffeured limousine, for a  U2, Stones, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, show with reengaged Bill and reanimated John, George, Rick, and Bonzo - as well as all-you-can-eat cavier and Dom Perignon - and I STILL wouldn't go.
I hate this place.
...course that's just me

Taped from the audience,
For a while I taped from my seat in Row S, dead center.
A while into the show, because of the crowd noise, I actually moved about 10 rows BACK for better sound.
The show was no where near a sell out. There were lots of empty seats.

Because of the rude crowd and the almost constant clinking of beer bottles being tossed into metal trash cans the show's sound is less than ideal. That's why I never digitized it before.

In between the people and bottles, the music sounds half decent. There is some clipping during applause.

Download this bootleg here

Jethro Tull live in Buenos Aires 2007 - 2CD - April 20 - soundboard

Jethro Tull
live in Luna Park
Buenos Aires, Argentina
April 20, 2007
soundboard recording
artwork included

Disc one:
Some Day The Sun Won't Shine For You
band presentation
Living In The Past
Ann Marie's presentation
Pastime In Good Company
Jack In The Green
The Donkey And The Drum
Thick As A Brick
Sweet Dreams
Bluegrass In The Backwood
Beside Myself

Disc two:
My God
presentation & encore
Locomotive Breath

Download this bootleg here

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jethro Tull live in Manchester 1977 - 2CD - February 5

Jethro Tull
Apollo Theatre

5th February 1977

Disc 1
1.01 Wondr'ing Aloud (2.35)
1.02 Skating Away... (5.42)
1.03 Jack-in-the-Green (3.36)
1.04 Thick as a Brick (14.47)
1.05 Songs from the Wood (4.52)
1.06 Instrumental (section) (2.54)
1.07 To Cry You a Song (2.33)
1.08 A New Day Yesterday (incl. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and Living In The Past) (15.32)
1.09 Velvet Green (6.14)

Time: 58.49

Disc 2
2.01 Hunting Girl (6.33)
2.02 Too Old to Rock'n'Roll (4.05)
2.03 Beethoven's 9th (2nd & 4th movements) (3.17)
2.04 Minstrel in the Gallery (5.27)
2.05 Aqualung (9.28)
2.06 Bach's Double Violin Concerto for Solo Guitar (3.03)
2.07 Wind-Up/Back Door Angels/Wind-Up (12.14)
2.08 Locomotive Breath/Land of Hope and Glory/Back Door Angels (Reprise) (9.45)

Time: 53.55

Ian Anderson - vocals, flute, guitar
Martin Barre - guitar
John Glascock - bass guitar
Barriemore Barlow - drums
John Evan - keyboards
David Palmer - keyboards, saxophone

Download this bootleg here

Jethro Tull live in Oakland 1973 - 2CD - July 23

Jethro Tull
Live at the Oakland Coliseum
Master reel-to-reel

Disc 1
A Passion Play
  Lifebeats  8:57
  Prelude  2:25
  The Silver Cord  4:24
  Re-Assuring Tune  1:14
  Memory Bank  4:32
  Best Friends  4:35
  Critique Oblique  5:15
  Forest Dance #1  1:15
  The Story of the Hare,
       Who Lost His Spectacles  4:15
  Forest Dance #2  1:43
  The Foot of Our Stairs  4:50
  Overseer Overture  3:26
  Flight from Lucifer  3:52
  10:08 from Paddington  1:06
  Magus Perde  3:58
  Epilogue  1:41
Thick As A Brick -Middle Section  17:07
Cross-Eyed Mary  4:09
Total Time  78:44

Disc 2
No Rehearsal (segment)  2:12
Drum Solo  (cut) 8:09
Instrumental  5:21
Maternity Ward 1:24
Aqualung  10:07
Band Introductions  1:35
Wind Up  13:05
Locomotive Breath  6:38
Wind Up Reprise  6:01
Total Time  54:32

Ian Anderson (flute, acoustic guitars, soprano saxophone, sopranino saxophone, vocals)
Martin Barre (electric guitar)
Barriemore Barlow (drums, timpani, glockenspiel, marimba)
Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond (bass, vocals)
John Evans (piano, organ, synthesizer, spken word)

1. Speed Correct.
2. Remove or reduce the many microphone bumps and clicks.
3. Hiss and audience noise reduction.
4. Tone adjustment.
5. Provide full tracking of Passion Play.
6. Re-balance disc material.
7. Adjust dynamics.

And Now For Something Completely Different?

The year was 1972 and Jethro Tull was on a roll.  “Aqualung” and “Thick As A Brick” had been very successful albums and the band was receiving the praise and attention that they deserved. The music press of England had been kind in their reviews and noted music journalist Chris Welch was even considered a good friend. So what was next? The Tull website describes it well.

“…Work began in Switzerland (in August of 1972), then studios in France (mostly to escape high British tax rates). Enough tracks to fill three sides of a double album were developed when technical problems in the studio, and band members' longing for home, caused all but four tracks to be scrapped (some of this material, like ‘Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of A New Day,’ would appear on ‘War Child’). The dreadful experience lead Ian to dub the Chateau d'Herouville studio as the ‘Chateau D'Isaster.’ With only seventeen days left before the American tour, Ian wrote new material and vastly restructured some of the ‘Chateau d'Isaster’ ideas and the band recorded the 45-minute album, ‘A Passion Play’…. Thematically, the concept album chronicles, as the title implies, a story of life and death, beginning with a recently deceased man viewing his own funeral, descending into purgatory and Hell, then reincarnated.” – J-Tull.com

This new album was tracked only as “part one” and “part two”, each taking up a full side of the original LP record. It was not until the 1998 release of the Gold Remaster version of ‘A Passion Play” that the originally intended tracking of the show was known and used. From that listing, one can see that the only track to survive from the Chateau d'Herouville sessions and make it onto this album was the song “Critique Oblique”, though “Tiger Toon” was re-worked to produce the Passion Play’s “Prelude”. The album was to rise to number one in the United States and number 13 in England, but not without a few bumps along the way.

The new tour with “A Passion Play” was supposed to begin April 28th, 1973 at the Wembley Empire Pool but this two-night booking was cancelled, despite sold out shows. Tull fans then looked to the start of the US tour for the first performance of the new material. On May 4th, the performance began in Evansville, Indiana with the opening “lifebeats” but the accompanying film was not shown. Later in the show, the “Hare” film was shown out of context but broke down, as it did on May 30th in Toronto. The next night in Clemson, SC the equipment truck arrived late and so the soundcheck was performed in front of the audience. Since the show did not start until 10pm, “A Passion Play” was omitted from the set. The next night’s show in Maryland was cancelled because the equipment truck broke down. Great confusion exists regarding the next 10 days in Tull history. Some claim that the band spent 4 days in Knoxville, TN rehearsing the new material, while others claim (with inconsistency) that Jethro Tull concerts were performed and attended. Finally, according to written account, “A Passion Play” was definitely performed in Hampton, VA on May 17th and Richmond, VA on May 18th.

After finishing the first leg of the American Tour, and in a move that defies logistical sanity, the band returned to England in June to play the two previously cancelled shows at the Empire Pool, June 22nd and 23rd, the only English shows of the tour. As reported in Melody Maker on June 23rd, Tull’s manager Terry Ellis admitted that all the proceeds from the two gigs would likely be used just to cover the cost of returning the equipment from the US, and then flying it all back out again for the second leg of the American tour.

Once familiar with the material in the live setting, the band expected smooth sailing. “A Passion Play” was released in England on July 6th and was then released in the US on July 23rd, the day of this Oakland show. Audiences, who had understandably never heard the new material, seemed to receive it warmly. Sadly, the critics had other ideas. After playing three nights in Inglewood, CA (July 20-22), the Los Angeles Times printed these comments from Robert Hilburn:

“By the time Tull left the stage Sunday night, nearly 75,000 persons had paid upwards of $400,000 to see the English rock group …I only hope they found the show more rewarding than I did. There were, to be sure, moments of high style and imagination, particularly in the use of film, but there were also some moments of extremely tedious music. While the group's stage antics at that time — highlighted by Anderson's flitting around like a wild-eyed, super-charged Captain Hook gone mad — and fire-breathing instrumental arrangements dominated by a sort of huff-and-puff flute sound - were among the most colorful in rock, there was a lack of strong, central focus to Anderson's lyrics that kept the group's music from realizing its full potential.

Things did, however, begin impressively at the Forum. Following a spirited set by Steeleye Span (an English group which has effectively merged traditional folk with modern electronics), the Tull portion of the evening began when a small white dot appeared on a movie screen at the rear of the stage. The dot flashed off and on in time with an amplified heartbeat. Slowly, the dot grew larger and larger. After several minutes it turned red, and a ballerina joined it on screen. At first, the dancer was lying motionless on her back. Slowly coming alive, she eventually leaped through a mirror in what was a stunning piece of film. At that instant, the screen was raised and the group came on stage to begin A Passion Play, a chiefly instrumental work that alternates, in typical Tull fashion, between gentle moments and sudden, dramatic bursts of power.

While it holds your attention for a while, its instrumental repetitiousness and its un-arresting, inaccessible lyrics eventually undercut its impact. After 20 minutes, mercifully, the group gave way to another engaging Anderson film (The Hare). After the film, the group returned with another numbing 20 minutes of A Passion Play and then 15 minutes of Thick As A Brick. It then moved into some of the better known tunes from Aqualung. If there was ever any question about the rambling, disjointed nature of Anderson's longer works, the placement of these punchier, crisper, more concise pieces from Aqualung on the same show answered it. Anderson remains a talented, serious, imaginative artist, but his extended works need more easily identifiable, engaging themes and varied musical elements if they are to be worthy of the attention he wants for them.” R. Hilburn 7/24/73

Chris Welch, attending the Empire Pool shows, describes other aspects of the show and adds his own commentary:

“…One and a half hours solid good music by Jethro Tull at the Empire Pool, Wembley, would have been sufficient to send home many more contented fans. Instead, an over-long over-produced marathon seriously impaired their impact — and their reputation….The Passion Play which constituted the first part of the concert, and is the basis of their next album, was a disappointment….(Yet), Ian played soprano sax with a bug attachment, with considerable facility, which added a new tonal dimension to the band sound. Jeffery Hammond-Hammond their bass player charged around the stage in a suit and Panama hat, in a kind of Monty Python-ish silly walk that seemed a parody of the natural movements of a musician inspired by his music.
The piece continued unabated, and bearing in mind we haven't heard the album yet, seemed to take a considerable time to show any signs of cohesion. The structure had a kind of Elizabethan mode, with a plethora of changes that did not resolve into any satisfying or logical direction….The lyrics or story of the Passion Play did not communicate one whit….Part of the play was taken up with a movie (The Hare), filmed in color featuring members of the group and a ballet company. This fell flat at first, greeted with yells of ‘No substitute,’ with which I was bound to agree, although a colleague who thought the whole show terrible, said the film was the best part, which at least shows how opinions can differ….” C. Welch, Melody Maker 6/30/73

Ian Anderson was not too pleased with the reviews of the new Tull material. There were even rumors of a plan to halt the tour and disband Jethro Tull permanently. Fortunately for Tull fans the band has continued well into the 21st century. Most serious Jethro Tull fans have a strong opinion of “A Passion Play”, either positive or negative but all will agree that it was a unique experience in the history of the band.

Now let’s move on to this recording; July 23rd, 1973 in Oakland, California. The show is from the master tape and is almost complete. Sadly, only a segment of the song “No Rehearsal” was present and was tracked separately. This is a song created during the Chateau d'Herouville sessions which was played during live performances in 1973. The drum solo is also cut at the beginning and we chose not to patch it. At the beginning of the recording we have tracked the entire Passion Play using the originally intended listing provided by the band. Towards the end, if you listen closely to the extended instrumental section of “Wind-up” you will hear segments that clearly become “Minstrel in the Gallery” later on in 1975. Finally, Anderson ends the show with the ringing telephone which was a metaphor for the time.

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Jethro Tull live at Newport Pop Festival 1969 - 1CD - June 21 - soundboard

Recorded Live at the Newport Pop Festival (UK) June 21 1969
artwork included


1. Nothing is Easy (14:49)
2. A Song For Jeffery (3:18)
3. Back To The Family (3:25)
4. Dharma For One (13:22)
5. Martin's Tune (8:14)
6. For A Thousand Mothers (4:39)

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Jethro Tull live in Newcastle 1984 - 2CD - September 2

Jethro Tull
City Hall
Newcastle , UK
2nd September 1984

Disc 1
1.  Locomotive Breath (Inst. Intro)
2.  Hunting Girl
3.  Under Wraps
4.  Later That Same Evening
5.  Nobody's Car
6.  Apogee
7.  Thick As A Brick
8.  Level Pegging
9.  Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of A New Day
10. Pussy Willow
11. The Clasp
12. Living In The Past
13. Serenade To A Cuckoo

Disc 2
1.  Fat Man
2.  Keyboards /Drums
3.  Fly By Night
4.  Made In England
5.  European Legacy
6.  Black Sunday
7.  Aqualung

Jethro Tull
Ian Anderson- Vocals-Flute-Guitar
Martin Barre- Lead Guitar and Mandolin
Dave Pegg - Bass Guitar
Doane Perry- Drums & Percussion
Peter-John Vettese- Keyboards

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Jethro Tull live in Newcastle 2008 - 2CD - May 8

Jethro Tull
Newcastle City Hall, England, UK
Thursday 8th May 2008
40th Anniversary Tour

Ian Anderson: vocals, flute, acoustic guitar, klaghorn
Martin Barre: guitars
David Goodier: bass guitar, xylophone
John O'Hara: keyboards
Doane Perry: drums

With guests from Mostly Autumn
Heather Findlay: vocals
Brian Josh: guitars

Disc 1
--- Evergreen - (Heather & Brian) missing from this recording
01 Yellow Time - (Heather & Brian with IA, DG & DP)
02 Caught in A Fold - (Heather & Brian with Jethro Tull)
03 Hero's Never Die - (Heather & Brian)
04 My Sunday Feeling.
05 Living In The Past.
06 So Much Trouble.
07 Serenade To A Cuckoo.
08 Nursie.
09 A Song For Jeffrey.
10 A New Day Yesterday/Kelpie.
11 Bouree.
Disc 2
01 For A Thousand Mothers.
02 We Used To Know/ With You There To Help Me.
03 Dharma For One.
04 Heavy Horses.
05 Farm On The Freeway.
06 Thick As A Brick.
07 Aqualung.
08 Locomotive Breath (with Heather & Brian - Heather vocals verse 2)

A very good performance with all of the band on good form, Ian’s vocals sound pretty good, he does a great job considering the problems he has had over the years with his throat, etc. and really deserves every credit for continuing to put on great performances for us.  
The opening song is missing unfortunately due to a late arrival at the venue. “Yellow Time” the second song performed cuts in, I had started recording on the way.  Ian and crew were already on stage with Heather and Brian from Mostly Autumn. The first 42 seconds are very muffled, recorded from inside my jacket pocket – you can here the usher pointing out our seats and a comment from my friend. After that the sound quality gets much better.

Recording location – approx. twenty rows back, towards the left hand side of the stage – just a few rows in front of the mixing desk.

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Jethro Tull live in Monte Carlo 1975 - 1CD - soundboard

Jethro Tull
April 1975
Maison Rouge Mobile, Monte Carlo, Europe

(1)-Minstrel In The Gallery
(4)-Cold Wind To Valhalla

BBC Radio Broadcast

Tracks 1 through 4 recorded at the Maison Rouge Mobile, Monte Carlo, 1975 (FM-exc quality)

artwork included

Jethro Tull live in Columbia 1988 - 2CD - June 21 - soundboard

Jethro Tull
Merriweather Post Pavilion
Columbia, Maryland
soundboard recording
artwork included

01 - Nothing Is Easy (4:35)
02 - excerpt Thick As A Brick (6:19)
03 - Steel Monkey (4:37)
04 - Farm On The Freeway (6:29)
05 - A New Day Yesterday (5:42)
06 - Fat Man (9:06)
07 - Budapest (8:50)
08 - Part Of The Machine (3:08)
09 - My God (5:50)
10 - Bouree Soiree (2:29)
11 - My God REPRISE (2:32)
12 - Pussy Williow Pibroch (7:50)
13 - Jump Start (8:09)
15 - Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll Too Young To Die (4:29)
16 - Wind Up (5:30)
17 - Aqualung (3:31)

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Jethro Tull live in Manchester 2004 - 2CD - February 12

Manchester, Apollo Theatre
February 12, 2004 (DAT)

cd 1:

Willie Porter & Martin Barre (opening act):

02.Spanish Eyes
03.Big Yellow Pine

Jethro Tull:

08.Living In The Past
09.Nothing Is Easy
10.Beggar's Farm
12.A Christmas Song
13.Farm On The Freeway

cd 2:

02.A Week Of Moments
03.Mother Goose
05.Medley: Songs From The Wood / Too Old To Rock'N'Roll... / Heavy Horses
06.God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
07.Flying Dutchman (intro) / My God
08.Holly Herald
10.Wind Up
11.Locomotive Breath
12.Protect And Survive

TT 145:29

Ian Anderson - vocals, flute, guitar
Martin Barre - guitar, mandolin
James Duncan - drums
Andrew Giddings - keyboards
Jonathan Noyce - bass

I received this one a few years ago as part of a cd 'tree' which was a very popular way of distributing music then. It sounds very good and contains the full set including opening act so I decided to share it with you.

Download this bootleg here

Jethro Tull live in Lugano, Switzerland 2005 - 2CD - July 9 - soundboard

Jethro Tull
soundboard recording
artwork included

CD 1:
01 - Announcement
02 - Aqua Intro
03 - For A Thousand Mothers
04 - Nothing Is Easy
05 - Jack In The Green
06 - Serenade To A Cuckoo
07 - Beggars Farm
08 - Boris Dancing
09 - Weathercock
10 - We Five Kings
11 - Up To Me
12 - Bouree
13 - Mother Goose
14 - Empty Cafe

CD 2:
01 - Farm On The Freeway
02 - Hymn 43
03 - A New Day Yesterday
04 - Budapest
05 - Aqualung
06 - Locomotive Breath
07 - Protect And Survive
08 - Cheerio

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Jethro Tull live in Kelseyville 2000 - 2CD - September 2

Jethro Tull
Konocti Field Amphitheatre
Kelseyville, CA

Disc 1
For A Thousand Mothers
Nothing Is Easy
Thick As A Brick
Hunt By Numbers
Beside Myself
The Habanero Reel
The Water Carrier
With You There To Help Me
Pibroch (inst.)
Hunting Girl (tape change ?)

Disc 2
In The Grip Of Stronger Stuff
My God
Passion Jig
Locomotive Breath
Aquadiddley/Aqualung/Cross-Eyed Mary/Protect And Survive (inst.)/Cheerio

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Jethro Tull live in Jacksonville 2000 - 2CD - June 20

Jethro Tull
Florida Theatre
Jacksonville, Florida
June 20th 2000

Disc 1
1.  Intro ...
2.  For A Thousand Mothers
3.  For A Thousand Mothers (Ending)
4.  Nothing Is Easy
5.  Thick As A Brick
6.  Thick As A Brick (middle)
7.  Thick As A Brick (end section)
8.  Hunt By Numbers
9.  Beside Myself
10. The Habanero Reel
11. Bouree
12. The Water Carrier
13. With You There To Help Me
14. Misere
15. Dot Com
16. Awol

Disc 2
1.  Boris Dancing
2.  Dharma For One
3.  Flute Instrumental
4.  Hunting Girl
5.  Locomotive Breath
6.  Band Intros
7.  Aquadiddy
8.  Aqualung > Cross Eyed Mary
    > Protect & Survive > Cheerio
9.  Outro

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jethro Tull live in Lenox 1970 - 1DVD - July 7 (Tanglewood) - pro-shot

Jethro Tull
Tanglewood Music Shed
Lenox, MA.
July 7,1970

Jethro Tull opened for the Who.

VHS Unknown Lineage > U-Lead DVD Movie Factory > VIDEO_TS Files

No menu or chapters.

This DVD is 76 minutes long. One common version of this tape ends after Dharma For One, at the 57 minutes mark. This version changes to a new source at that point and continues on for an additional 19 minutes.


1. Nothing Is Easy
2. My God
3. With You There To Help Me
4. Dharma For One / Drum solo
5. We Used To Know / Guitar solo (cut)

In the summer of 1970, Bill Graham staged a three concert series at the Tanglewood Music Shed in Lenox Massachusetts called "The Fillmore at Tanglewood". The first show, on July 7, featured It's A Beautiful Day, Jethro Tull and the Who. The second,on July 21, was supposed to be the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, John Sebastian and Joe Cocker, but Chicago ended up replacing Joe Cocker. The third concert, on August 18, featured the Voices of East Harlem, Miles Davis and Santana. These concerts were filmed by Bill Graham Presents for an intended television special. The TV show never 
materialized, but the shows by Jethro Tull, the Who, Chicago and Santana have made their way into circulation.

Video attributes:
Video compression mode: MPEG-2
TV system: 525/60 (NTSC)
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Display mode: Only Pan&scan
Source picture resolution: 720x480 (525/60)
Frame rate: 30.00
Source picture letterboxed: Not letterboxed
Bitrate: 3.99Mbps

Audio attributes: 
Audio coding mode: MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 without extension bitstream
Sampling rate: 48kHz
Audio application mode: Not Specified
Number of audio channels: 2.0
Bitrate: 224 Kbps
Number of audio streams: 1

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here
Download part 6 here
Download part 7 here
Download part 8 here